Governor Releases List of Florida Nursing Homes with Positive COVID-19 Cases

According to a recent news report, after increasing pressure from residents, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released a seven-page list of the names of over 300 nursing homes where patients or staff tested positive for COVID-19 (the coronavirus). These nursing homes and long-term care facilities serve a diverse patient base, and provide various types of acute, rehabilitative, and convalescent care. Despite good intentions, many of these nursing homes fail to provide their patients with an appropriate level of care. In some cases, this deficient care amounts to nursing home abuse and neglect, and victims and their families may be able to hold the facility liable for their damages.

According to recent statistics, as many as 5,000,000 individuals suffer abuse or neglect at these facilities every year, and evidence suggests that 1 in 10 of these victims are over 60 years old. Abuse and neglect manifest in many different ways, and it is not always apparent to loved ones. It may take the form of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Further, many patients suffer neglect when the facility fails to provide the patient with appropriate care or prevent the spread of disease or infection. Many facilities are facing a heightened level of scrutiny after facilities began to face outbreaks of COVID-19.

Understandably, many families whose loved ones receive care at these facilities began to demand the release of names of facilities with positive cases. Residents and loved ones requested the list of names so that they could make informed decisions about how to proceed with the care of their family members. Before this request, the facilities only needed to provide residents, staff, and family members when there was a positive result. However, the list did not include any context regarding what the actual outcome of the positive result was.

The coronavirus is presenting skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities with unprecedented challenges. Many Florida nursing homes are unable to staff their facilities appropriately, and others do not have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for their employees and residents. In fact, a recent study indicated that many staff members are asked to reuse old PPE or create homemade masks. These shocking facts make it clear that until Florida addresses these inherent issues, people will continue to contract deadly infectious diseases.

Have You or a Loved One Suffered Damages Because of a Negligent Florida Nursing Home?

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