Causation in Florida Chain-Reaction Car Accidents

The majority of Florida car accidents involve a collision between two vehicles; however, accidents involving more than one vehicle tend to cause the most severe injuries and damages. In many cases, the force of the first impact leads to a series of additional accidents. Identifying the parties, establishing fault, and apportioning liability is often complex in these cases because the sequence of events may not be clear. It is crucial that Florida car accident victims contact an attorney if they have suffered injuries in a chain-reaction accident.

Identifying all of the individuals involved in a chain reaction accident can be difficult because the degree of injury and damage often vary. In some cases, a party that only suffered minor damages may leave the scene of the accident without providing their information. Further, in some situations, the initiating driver may flee the scene for fear of liability.

Establishing fault is a critical part of recovering after a Florida chain reaction accident. Individuals who file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against another driver will need to establish liability. This requires that the injury victim present evidence of the series of events that led to their injuries. To maximize the chances of recovery, injury victims should identify all of the parties involved, including the motorist that began the chain of events. Florida injury victims can accomplish this by collecting eyewitness accounts of other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians, reviewing police reports, and assessing vehicle damage.

After identifying all of the parties involved in a chain reaction accident and establishing fault, injury victims should work with their attorney to determine how much fault should be attributed to each party. In some instances, defendants may assert Florida’s comparative negligence rule. Under the law, a plaintiff’s recovery will be reduced by their percentage of fault in the accident.

These accidents involve various challenges because there are often confounding variables that make the series of events hard to establish. For example, a Florida news report recently described an incident where three people suffered fatal injuries in two multi-vehicle accidents. The first accident involved a collision between two trucks, a van, and a pickup truck. Police and emergency personnel responded to the scene, which caused traffic to stall. A vehicle failed to slow down when they approached the stalled traffic and slammed into the car in front of them, killing the driver of that vehicle. This event led to an additional four accidents.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Florida Chain-Reaction Accident?

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