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In the State of Florida and throughout the United States, children are often injured due to careless supervision. Florida public schools, private schools, daycare facilities, summer camps and caretakers have an obligation to supervise children properly. While these entities are not liable for every injury that occurs, they are responsible for any injuries to children that are caused by negligence.

To pursue legal action on behalf of an injured child, a parent has to have a valid cause of action. This refers to a legally recognizable claim against the at-fault party. In most instances, when careless supervision is involved, the case will generally be governed by principles of general negligence. For example, if a child is injured on the playground, a legal case can be pursued only if the plaintiff can demonstrate that the injuries resulted from negligent supervision.

Negligent supervision is a tort that may apply in a variety of contexts. Essentially, negligent supervision claims are lawsuits filed by parents whose children were injured when a teacher or caregiver failed to provide adequate supervision. For example, if a child is hurt by his or her classmate, the teacher may be subject to a negligent supervision lawsuit if it can be shown that the teacher failed to monitor the children properly and the harm was preventable.

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