The Importance of Obtaining the Appropriate Medical Treatment after a Florida Accident

After a Florida motor vehicle accident, seeking medical treatment is critical to a victim’s health, well-being, and future legal claims. Under Florida law, an at-fault party may be liable for negligent or reckless conduct. However, these claims often hinge on the victim receiving prompt and appropriate medical treatment.

Prompt medical treatment can help injury victims catch hidden symptoms and receive the correct diagnosis. In many cases, injury victims mistakenly believe that they did not suffer serious injuries because they do not experience pain or symptoms right after the accident. However, the lack of immediate pain may be attributable to adrenaline, heightened emotional responses, or the mere nature of the injury. Receiving medical treatment after the accident can drastically change the outcome of a victim’s medical prognosis.

Further, it is critical that victims continue prescribed treatment. Abiding by a medical professional’s instructions can assist in harm mitigation and quick recovery. Lastly, immediate medical attention and compliance will help a victim protect any legal claims against at-fault parties.

In Florida, accident victims should consider seeking immediate treatment from an emergency room or urgent care physician. This is especially important when the accident results in serious accident-related injuries or if a victim’s pain requires immediate attention. Even if a victim does not experience immediate pain, it is important that they make an appointment with their primary care doctor or a specialist. A primary care doctor can fully evaluate a victim and address any latent issues or potential complications.

Medical records are a crucial piece of evidence in Florida civil accident claims. These records can establish a potential plaintiff’s medical condition, treatment duration, the causal relationship between an accident and injury, charges associated with the injury, future medical needs, and pain and suffering. Accident victims should promptly seek medical care; a failure may indicate a lack of urgency or severity. Further, victims should consider medical providers other than their primary care providers. Many of these providers will simply refer a patient to a specialist, so it may be advisable to ask for an immediate referral. It is crucial that patients feel validated and that their concerns are taken seriously. As such, patients should be sure to address every injury, pain, and symptoms thoroughly. Seemingly inconsequential symptoms may progress into serious issues. Finally, it is important that patients seek treatment until they have reached “maximum medical improvement.”

In addition to a perceived lack of severity or urgency, the failure to seek treatment may allow a defendant or insurance company to argue that the injury resulted from a pre-existing condition or use the lack of medical treatment for a basis for comparative negligence. Further, many insurance adjusters use medical records and bills to devise a multiplier for determining an appropriate pain and suffering damages award. The failure to seek appropriate treatment may amount to a reduction in these damages.

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