Florida Wrong Way Accidents: Why Do They Occur?

No matter how careful you are while driving, you must also trust other drivers you are sharing the road with will also exercise care and follow the rules. Sometimes, no matter how proactive you are as a driver, another person’s mistake could cause a major accident with devastating consequences. One wrong turn, especially if it’s one that positions a vehicle directly in your path by going in the wrong direction, could result in a serious Florida car accident.

For example, according to a recent news report, a 21-year-old driver was killed during a wrong-way accident. The 21-year-old was heading north in a Nissan Altima when another driver in a Hyundai heading south crashed into the Nissan head-on. The Nissan driver died at the scene, and her passenger had critical injuries. The Hyundai driver had serious injuries. According to local authorities, charges have yet to be filed, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Florida is no stranger to wrong-way accidents—but why do they keep happening on our streets? Typically, these accidents occur because a driver accidentally turns into oncoming traffic and crashes into vehicles going in the right direction. Although driver error is the most common reason why wrong-way accidents occur, they are also commonly associated with distracted driving, vehicle mechanical issues, and poorly designed roadways.

More than half of wrong-way accidents that take place in the United States involve alcohol use. Usually, an intoxicated driver swerves into oncoming traffic and crashes into vehicles going in the right direction head-on. According to data from the National Transportation Safety Board, many inebriated drivers in these accidents have significantly higher blood alcohol levels than average—sometimes nearly twice the legal limit or more.

Distracted driving also contributes to wrong-way accidents. Drivers who are texting, checking their phone’s navigation apps, or talking on the phone may often find themselves driving in the wrong direction and straight into oncoming traffic. When distracted, drivers may ignore signage indicating that they are going in the wrong direction.

Other common causes of wrong-way accidents involve elderly or senior drivers, unfamiliar roads, or detours. Older drivers cause more than 15 percent of wrong-way accidents, usually due to poor vision or visibility or slow reaction times that could prevent these accidents. Drivers who have never traveled in a particular area may also accidentally end up on one-way streets in the wrong direction or cause wrong-way accidents because of illegal u-turns. Finally, traffic detours that shut down lanes or roadways can often lead to wrong-way accidents because of lack of proper signage or poor road design.

Because injuries following wrong-way accidents can often be severe or even fatal, it is crucial that you seek medical attention immediately after a collision. Common injuries include spinal cord injuries, head and neck injuries, and internal injuries.

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