Florida Drunk Driving Accident Kills One, Injures Another

Losing a loved one in a Florida car accident is never easy, but it can be especially difficult when the accident could have easily been prevented. This is particularly true for victims of drunk or otherwise intoxicated driving. Although it is against the law to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, intoxicated driving remains one of the leading causes of Florida car accidents.

Earlier this month, a tragic car accident in Key Biscayne killed one and injured another, and law enforcement officers believe that the at-fault driver had been drunk while on the road. According to a local news report covering the accident, the at-fault driver was driving on the Rickenbacker Causeway when she rear-ended another car. As a result, this second car went over the median, rolled several times, and slammed into a chain-link fence. The occupants, a husband and wife, were seriously harmed. Both were taken immediately to the nearest hospital, where the wife, who had been driving when the tragic accident occurred, died from her injuries.

The at-fault driver failed multiple sobriety tests at the scene of the crash. When, three hours after the crash, she took a Breathalyzer test, it indicated that she had been driving with twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system. As a result, she has been charged with driving under the influence, vehicular homicide, and DUI manslaughter. These charges could come with fines and jail time.

Although the criminal case is still in progress, even a successful criminal case does very little to help the surviving victim, who suffered injuries himself and the tragic loss of his wife. Thankfully, Florida law allows him, and others in similar situations, to file a civil suit against the at-fault driver to recover for his injuries. In this case, a successful personal injury or wrongful death claim could result in monetary compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages, funeral and burial costs, and pain and suffering. While nothing, including a civil suit, can bring back a deceased loved one or undo the tragic accident, a civil claim can help the surviving victims heal and pay for medical bills or other costs of the accident. When a family is healing, the last thing they should be worried about is how they will afford their bills.

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