Extreme Weather Conditions and Florida Car Accidents

Many people associate weather-related car accidents with the northeast and other areas that are more likely to experience ice, snow, and sleet. However, poor weather conditions and driver negligence are two of the leading causes of Florida car accidents. Florida’s tropical climate frequently results in unexpectedly heavy rainstorms and torrential downpours. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), over 5,000 people die, and almost 450,000 people are injured every year because of weather-related accidents.

For example, recently, a Florida news source reported that a 19-year-old woman died after losing control of her vehicle and crashing into a boulder. Police officials stated that the woman was traveling east on a Florida road when weather conditions caused her to lose control of her sedan. Her vehicle spun clockwise and then swerved off the road. Emergency personnel transported her to a local hospital where she remained in critical condition, before tragically succumbing to her injuries.

Many drivers do not possess the experience and skill necessary to navigate sudden and unexpected inclement weather. Bad weather can prevent drivers from being able to see their surroundings, and their skewed depth perception can increase the chances of a collision. Further, heavy rain makes roadways slick and unsafe, and drivers often face difficulties maneuvering their vehicles during these conditions. Florida drivers should also be sure to keep on top of vehicle maintenance, as worn or damaged tires can cause hydroplaning or sliding.

Florida drivers should also take precautions and modify their travel plans during inclement weather. Of course, in some circumstances, driving during bad weather is unavoidable, and in these cases, drivers should adjust their driving style. For example,  drivers should slow down and be even more aware of their surroundings during a sudden weather event. If an accident occurs, all parties should contact the police, document the scene of the accident, and get prompt medical treatment.

Liability in Florida car accidents can raise various challenges because it may be difficult to recount the exact events that led to a collision. Additionally, there may be additional contributing factors that can muddle liability and fault. For example, many defendants will try and avoid liability by claiming that an accident was unavoidable because of weather conditions. However, drivers are responsible for the safe operation of their vehicle at all times — even during inclement weather. Florida accident victims should contact an attorney to gather evidence and investigate the accident appropriately. Attorneys can assist their injury clients by reviewing traffic camera footage, interviewing witnesses, deposing expert witnesses, and evaluating medical records.

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