Car Accidents in Miami-Dade County and Throughout Florida

Unfortunately, negligence causes many accidents in Florida and throughout the United States each year. In the context of driving, negligence refers to the failure of a person to use reasonable care behind the wheel that causes harm to someone else or their property. All drivers on the road owe others a duty to follow traffic laws and drive sensibly in order not to injure others on the road. Negligence laws are designed to hold careless parties accountable for the harm that they cause.

According to The Florida Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), there have been 26,939 crashes in Miami-Dade County so far in the first six months of 2016. Of this total, 14,286 of these resulted in injuries, 132 resulted in fatalities, and 17,577 resulted in property damage. In June alone, there have been 524 crash reports. In 2015, there were 30,380 accidents in the first six months of the year, so 2016 has seen a decrease in the number of accidents.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, over 30,000 people are killed in crashes each year. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are a top-10 cause of death among people from 1-54 years of age. The CDC reports that when it comes to Florida accidents, motor vehicle occupants cost $527 million in 2013. That same year, motorcyclists cost $616 million and pedestrians $577 million.

A six-year study conducted by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMC) in the early 2000s revealed the following trends:

  • More than one out of every six Florida vehicle crashes take place in the Miami region;
  • The Miami area consistently sees over 50,000 accidents a year, which is over 4,000 per month; and
  • More than 20 percent of the crashes that took place in Miami-Dade County happened within the city limits of Miami.

These statistics highlight the unfortunate reality of how frequent car crashes are in Florida. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to damages for your harm. These damages typically include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, property damage, pain and suffering, and any other costs arising from the accident.

Florida follows a “pure comparative negligence” theory, which means that the amount of compensation a plaintiff is entitled to receive will be reduced by his or her percentage of fault. For example, if you’re hit by a driver who ran a stop sign, but you were slightly speeding, you may be deemed partly at fault. In such a scenario, you may be found 20 percent liable for the crash, while the other driver is found 80 percent liable. Under Florida’s comparative negligence law, your total recovery would be reduced by 20 percent. Thus, if you were originally awarded $100,000, you would receive $80,000.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a car accident, it is important to obtain the help and guidance of a skilled Miami injury attorney. At the Law Offices of Robert Dixon, our team can offer you compassionate and vigorous representation in your case. To learn more, feel free to call us at 1-877-499-HURT (4878) or contact us online today.

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