Avoiding Florida Truck Accidents During Bad Weather

Florida drivers experience drastic and severe weather changes on a fairly regular basis. Although drivers may have experience handling these changes, these conditions pose serious dangers to motorists and passengers. Florida weather-related accidents, especially those involving large trucks, can result in serious injuries and fatalities. Further, the unexpected flurry of winter storms throughout the southern United States highlights the importance of safe winter driving skills.

For example, national news reports continue to detail the havoc that the recent winter storm brought to the south and midwest. One of the most devastating series of accidents occurred on a popular Texas highway. The icy conditions caused over 100 vehicles, including tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and sedans, to spin out and collide with each other. As the vehicles spun out on the slick roads, many of the cars became trapped in the pileups. Emergency responders used tow trucks and emergency equipment to extricate the drivers and passengers. Although the National Weather Service issued a weather advisory, it seems that many motorists did not expect that the road conditions could change so drastically.

Theoretically, drivers should stay home during severe weather events. However, practically, this is not always feasible. Drivers who must drive and experience a sudden change in weather conditions, should immediately adjust their driving. Motorists should reduce their speed, and leave distance between their cars and other vehicles, especially between large trucks. Further, drivers should remain vigilant about traffic patterns to avoid sudden braking or shifting.

In some cases, a safe driver cannot avoid a collision with a negligent motorist. If this occurs, drivers and passengers should take steps to ensure that the other party is held liable. Drivers should immediately try and get their vehicle out of moving traffic and call emergency responders. Victims should gather all parties’ and witnesses’ identifying information, including license, registration, and insurance information. If possible, taking photos is an important step, as the pictures may serve as critical evidence for insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits.

After a Florida trucking accident, victims should seek medical treatment, even if the injuries do not appear severe. This is important because, in some cases, the extent of an injury is not apparent or may not manifest until some time after the accident. Finally, victims should contact an attorney and refrain from discussing the accident with the negligent driver, the driver’s employer, or insurance provider.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Florida Trucking Accident?

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