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Roundabout Accidents in Florida

Roundabout signWhile they are not everywhere, Florida does have a number of roundabouts. If you have been injured in a roundabout accident, it is important to seek the help and guidance of a qualified Miami injury attorney. We can thoroughly analyze the facts of your case and provide you with an honest assessment of your claim.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, a roundabout is a one-way circular intersection without traffic signal equipment in which traffic flows around a center island. Drivers should yield at each entry point and give way to the vehicles already traveling within the roundabout. If you miss your turn on a roundabout, you simply drive around it again until the desired turn.

Roundabouts are widely considered a safer way of controlling traffic than intersections. In addition, roundabouts allow the free flow of traffic, and they are still fully functional during power failures.

Since drivers are supposed to slow down when approaching and traveling through a roundabout, the injuries in these accidents are typically less serious than in traffic light intersections. Having said that, it is still very possible for automobile accident victims to suffer serious injuries in these types of collisions.

If you’ve been injured in a roundabout accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, including medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. The exact amount of compensation you may be able to obtain will depend on the nature and extent of the harm suffered.

It is important to note that before being able to recover any compensation, you will have to file a claim against the at-fault party. In most cases, you will file a negligence claim to recover damages for your roundabout accident. Negligence is when an individual fails to use the appropriate duty of care in a given situation. A duty of care refers to the obligation to act as a prudent person would behave in the same or similar circumstances.

For example, a prudent driver would not excessively speed through a roundabout because he or she would understand the risk of harm this poses to others on the road. As a result, if a roundabout accident was caused because a driver was excessively speeding, that driver would likely be liable for any resulting damages. Another example of driver negligence would be if an accident were caused because a vehicle entering from a side street failed to give a vehicle already in the roundabout the right of way.

At the Law Offices of Robert Dixon, our Miami car accident attorneys have helped many South Florida victims obtain the justice and compensation they deserve in the aftermath of their accident. We understand that this is a stressful time, which is why we aim to make the process as seamless as possible for you. Please be aware that we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. For more information about your legal rights and options, call us at 1-877-499-HURT (4878) or contact us online today.

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